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The New Normal Series: #3 Recruiting Re-imagined: How To Attract and Retain Virtual Team Members During COVID

The New Normal Series: #2 Why Recognition of Virtual Team Members Matters Even More During a Pandemic

The New Normal Series: #1 Why You Need to Raise the Tech Bar Requirements

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Post COVID 19: What the Future of Offices Looks Like

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How Remote Work Impacts our Environment

Work From Home Series: #5 How To Avoid Loneliness and Find Joy Working Remotely

How to keep your contact center team engaged during times of uncertainty and lower contact volume

Work From Home Series: #4 How To Stay Connected with Your Remote Team

Work From Home Series: #3 10 Tips for Remote Workers to Keep their Sanity

Work From Home Series: #2 5 Best Communication Practices for a Remote Workforce

Work From Home Series: #1 5 Proven Tips for Setting Up a Remote Workforce Successfully

40 Companies Recognized for Excellence in Customer Service 

The Basics of a Home Office: An Insider Look at What You'll Need 

VIPdesk Brand Ambassador Highlight: Melinda Wilcox 

10 Excellent Customer Service Skills

Creating Performance Breakthroughs by Building Culture in Remote Teams  

Operations Master: VIPdesk Leadership in Customer Service 

The History of VIPdesk and SOCAP: Customer Care Experts  

5 Customer Service Trends of 2019 You Don’t Want to Miss 

Customer Service: Why We Do What We Do at VIPdesk  

VIPdesk Insights on Customer Satisfaction Surveys: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Award Winning Brand Ambassador of the Year: Dawn May  

A VIP Sales Journey to Customer Success: an Othmar Müller Von Blumencron Exclusive

For the Love of our Customers – Happy Valentine’s Day!  

VIPdesk Connect Annual Awards, Recognition in Customer Success  

Leadership in Luxury Retail Customer Service - Featuring Kim Nasca 

Customer Service Excellence: A 5 Step Guide

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