How a Remote Workforce Business Earned Recognition as a Top 200 Workplace

Steps Taken by VIPdesk To Receive a Washington Post Distinction

VIPdesk recently learned that we made the Washington Post’s Top 200 Best Places To Work in the Washington D.C. area, according to its seventh annual Top Workplaces survey. More than 3,500 area companies received an invitation to participate and 406 were surveyed. To be named a top workplace has been a goal for VIPdesk for the past 3 years. As a service business providing outsourced customer care services for luxury brands, we’ve always believed it takes a great culture to deliver amazing customer service. Our mission is to elevate the human experience. This means we need not provide an excellent work experience but an amazing culture as viewed by our entire team. Here are a few things we can share with you that helped shape our organization.

Four Keys To Creating an Outstanding Work Culture

Work on Alignment: We worked with our Executive Team and broader Leadership Team alignment to ensure we all share our vision for the kind of remote workforce company we want to be a part of. We haven’t always gotten this right. When individuals join the company who may not share our vision and values, we recognize they might be happier in a company that aligns with their own values. VIPdesk also focuses on building trust among all team members. It’s critical so that when challenges occur, we have a solid foundation from which we can all rise together.

Conduct an Annual Survey: Yes, this award happened because our team members completed a survey. However, we also conduct a quarterly eNPS and an annual in-depth survey. We then leverage the team’s feedback into our annual strategic planning for the year.

Communicate What Is/Isn’t Possible: We are in the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry. It’s a competitive industry with many companies offering lower pricing for offshore solutions. We work diligently to provide rates that allow us to pay team members well. However, it sometimes isn’t enough and we share transparently with our team what we can and can’t do. It’s our responsibility to perform well and deliver value for our clients, so that in turn we compensate our team well.

Obtain Certifications: A few years ago, VIPdesk made the decision to become a certified B Corporation. That decision drove many positive changes for compensation, benefits, process and team members. . In keeping with our vision and our values, VIPdesk becoming a certified B Corp has helped us stay focused on the most important culture impact areas.

Putting the Spotlight Online to Top 200 Workplaces on October 14

“Now in its seventh year, The Post’s Top Workplaces list continues to highlight the companies that are leaders in the Washington-area in terms of employee engagement and satisfaction,” said Washington Post Top Workplaces editor Dion Haynes. “We had a record number of employees participate in the survey this year, making it clear that these organizations have made cultivating an atmosphere of support and respect a priority.” As a result, The Post expanded this year’s list of winners from 150 to 200 and added a fourth category--largest--to accommodate the increase of winners from organizations with 999 and more employees. The highlighted size categories are now small, midsize, large and largest. The full list, along with profiles of some of the winners, stories on how employees coped at home during the pandemic and breakdowns on the sectors represented among the 200 winners will be featured in a special Top Workplaces magazine on October 14 and on The Post’s site. The Washington Post also plans to host an awards ceremony in October to recognize the 200 top-ranked companies. Conducted in partnership with employee engagement firm Energage, LLC, The Post’s survey identified the highest ranked workplaces in the region based on employee responses about their own company. VIPdesk is honored to make the 2020 Top Workplaces list and we look forward to continuing on our journey to make the company one that every team member can be proud of.

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