The Metaverse: The Rise of Interactive Customer Experiences

With the increasing popularity of immersive technologies, companies like Meta and Microsoft are betting big that the "Metaverse" is primed to become the future of the internet. The concept envisions a virtual realm where users can meet in an interactive environment; an ambitious effort aiming towards creating something akin to a real-life Second Life experience. According to a recent McKinsey report, the potential economic value of the Metaverse is projected to reach staggering heights by 2030 - with estimates ranging from $200 billion up to an impressive $600 billion. Although we may still be some time away from this ultimate goal, signs of progress have already begun emerging and their benefits span across all industries. 


In its current form, the Metaverse is a groundbreaking concept which promises to revolutionize the way we experience and interact with our digital world. Visualized through immersive technologies like AR/VR/XR, this powerful combination allows users from around the world to come together in a secure environment through the power of just the internet.

Examples of real time immersive experiences.

While it may seem like a reality of the future, there are a variety of big name companies investing in the Metaverse today.

NIKE (NIKELAND) : Since its launch in November, this sporting goods brand's unique micro Metaverse on Roblox has become an international phenomenon. With over 6.7 million visitors from 224 countries logging in to virtually try on their products and play games, the space provides a whole new virtual experience for users around the world! Try on some shoes today.

AMAZON : Amazon has launched a revolutionary new way to hone cloud-computing skills – AWS Cloud Quest! This online roleplaying game immerses users in the digital world of Cloudopolis, where they must help the citizens troubleshoot IT issues related to the cloud. As players progress through simulations and puzzles, their points will climb higher and higher - bringing them ever closer to becoming experts on all things clouds.

LOWE'S : Lowe’s is pushing the boundaries of home improvement through Metaverse technology, inspiring customers to express their creativity and creating a unique shopping experience. From making virtual building assets freely available for use in projects - something unprecedented from any major retailer - to offering actual Lowe's products online and in-store, these innovative approaches are helping homeowners realize their visions easier than ever before. Check it out and build your own creation here!

With any kind of experience geared towards a customer/user/consumer comes the cx needed to ensure positive user interactions. With the emergence of 3D digital spaces, businesses now have a chance to take customer service into an entirely new dimension. Got a question? Looking for quick resolution to an issue with your purchase? The Metaverse may be the answer. This exciting digital 3D space has opened up new possibilities, allowing business and customers alike to interact in real time like never before - creating faster response times at every stage of their relationship. Through Metaverse-enabled interactions with customers before, during and after purchases, brands are offering exciting ways to create fulfilling experiences in real time. 

How can this help brands offer a smooth customer experience?

Personalization leads to better support. Identified by VIPdesk as a 2023 mega-trend, the primary battleground for businesses to win customers has become the creation of unique and personalized customer experiences. A survey by SmarterHQ found that 51% of marketers have personalization as their #1 priority, while 72% of consumers said they only interact with personalized messaging. In the Metaverse personalization is endless. Brands can create their own personalized immersive store fronts tailored to customer profiles and preferences.

Streamlined Customer Inquiry Resolution. Augmented and Virtual Reality technologies enable you to gain a complete, in-depth understanding of products and services before committing to buy them. Visualize how an item looks or feels without having it physically present by using AR/VR – no more worrying about incorrect sizes! Even better - you can talk directly with your own support avatar who will provide their expertise for advice on any issues that might arise AND resolve said problems in real time so there's never the need for escalations.

Improved function of current omni channel solutions. Emerging technologies such as Augmented/Virtual/Mixed Reality are revolutionizing and improving processes, allowing for instantaneous customer assistance with virtual chat bot avatars and advanced analytics to recognize emerging trends. Self-help services can now be experienced in immersive Virtual Reality environments too - creating new opportunities to provide efficient self-solutions around the clock.

Better Trained Agents: The Metaverse provides a unique opportunity to revolutionize onboarding and training for customer service reps. Step outside of the confines of traditional virtual meeting platforms like Teams or Zoom, and enter an experience where employees can interact with one another as if they were all in the same room - despite being virtually miles away from each other! Plus, new hires will get access to face-to-face interaction with experts on any subject matter, equipping them better than ever before via digital presentations that replicate live events at scale.

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Rise of Immersive Tech

  • The global AR, VR, and MR market will roughly reach $250 billion by 2028.  
  • North America holds the largest share of the worldwide Metaverse market in 2023. ️
  • Demand for VR gear have grown over 16 times between 2018 and 2022. 
  • AR and VR headset sales will increase in the following years, with combined technologies selling over 26 million units annually in 2023. 
  • The European AR/VR market is expected to grow from $2.8 billion in 2021 to $20.9 billion in 2025.

Interesting Metaverse Stats

  • The metaverse may help people overcome disabilities (39%) and improve creativity and imagination (37%).
  • Virtual art galleries now have a market worth of $2.4 billion, and are still expected to grow in 2023. With the growing popularity of NFTs and virtual reality, it's no surprise that artists are maximizing this mode of digital art format.

The possibilities offered by the Metaverse create a direct and real-time connection between business and customers - improving customer service in ways previously thought impossible. By utilizing this amazing new technology, businesses around the world can ensure faster resolution times for inquiries, improved customer satisfaction and more efficient product usage. Ultimately, the benefits of adopting 3D digital spaces reach far beyond just customer service; they improve the way companies interact with consumers at every step of their journey. It’s clear that the Metaverse is changing the game when it comes to CX, allowing us to create a unique and memorable experience while still providing essential services. All in all, there’s no limit to what can be achieved through secure interactions in this exciting new platform.