Shopping advice from your Concierge: 5 gift ideas for your pet

Even if you didn’t brave the crowds to do some shopping of your own on Black Friday, it was impossible to escape the shopping craze promoted via TV, radio, print advertisements, marketing emails, online banner ads and even stories (both sad and funny) covered on the local and national news. Even Cyber Monday seemed to be happening on a broader scale than years past.

However whether you plan to go to the store, browse the web or a combination of both, chances are good that you have a list of loved ones that you need to find something special for (and a few items that you covet and plan to gift to yourself). It is a time like this—too many gifts to purchase and too little time to find them—when Concierge services can be of the most help to busy professionals, always on-the-go-parents and those who simply don’t know where on their shopping list to start or what to choose. Nothing compares to the convenience of your own personal shopper.

In order to provide you with a little help with your own holidays shopping, we have collected a few gift ideas from our Concierge, especially designed for the 50% of pet owners with pets at the top of their must-buy list:

Hopefully these tips will save some holiday shopping time.  If you desire help checking off the items on the rest of your shopping list, I recommend that you check with your Concierge to see if they can provide you with personal shopping assistance.

Have fun shopping, but don’t forget…your pets are waiting.


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